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A list of employees and copy of TIPS Certificate or other state approved course for each employee must be received within 30 days of inception.
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Does risk do more than 25% weddings and/or bartender(s) are supplied by others? (Click if Yes)
Any New Year's Eve, St. Patrick's Day or wedding receptions or parties at a private residence and/or high profile events (Super bowl parties, Mardi Gras, etc.) or Open Bars or Motorcycle-related events? (Click if Yes)
Is there table service? (Click if Yes)
Any 2 for 1 drinks or drinks less than $1.50 offered? (Click if Yes)
Any happy hour lasting more than 3 hours or later than 7PM (includes reverse happy hours or one price all-you-can-drink specials, beer bust, drown night, etc.)? (Click if Yes)
Any Male or Female Dancers? (Click if Yes)
Does establishment have a casino (Poker/Card rooms)? (Click if Yes)
Does the casino stay open past 2:00 a.m. OR provide free drinks? (Click if Yes)
Any mechanical bull or interactive activities where patron participates? (Click if Yes)
Any bouncers or armed guards employed as a method of security including I.D. Checkers, Off/On Duty Law Enforcement? (Click if Yes)
Any cover or door charge? (Click if Yes)
Are rides provided to patrons? (Click if Yes)
Any Flame Shows, Flame Shoots or Pyrotechnics? (Click if Yes)
Any Bartenders for Hire? (Click if Yes)
Is establishment a nightspot, or does establishment have venues? (Click if Yes)
Is establishment an exhibition or rental hall, banquet facility, arena, stadium, auditorium, sports field, fairground or concession stand? (Click if Yes)
Does establishment have pool tables? (Click if Yes)
Does establishment have 11 or more pool tables? (Click if Yes)
Does establishment host nights of entertainment? (Click if Yes)
Are there more than 3 nights of weekly entertainment - including karaoke? (Click if Yes)
Does establishment contain a dance floor? (Click if Yes)
Does establishment contain a dance floor of 500 square feet or more? (Click if Yes)
Is risk a hunt club, guide, or outfitter that serves alcoholic beverages in lodge after hunts or excursions? (Click if Yes)
If establishment is a convenience store, is store open 24 hours with liquor sales stopping at 2AM? (Click if Yes)
Are distributed products (other than beer) alcoholic? (Click if Yes)
How many samples are given to a single taster?
How many ounces of wine are supplied in a sample?
What type of food is given with the sampling?
Does establishment host Special Events? (Click if Yes)
Does establishment have less than 3 years of management experience? (Click if Yes)
Does establishment promote Drink Specials (i.e. "happy hours", "two-for-ones") that extend longer than three hours? (Click if Yes)
Do employees operate on commission or a tips-only basis? (Click if Yes)
Is establishment Owner/Manager NOT actively involved in the establishment's operations? (Click if Yes)
Does establishment have more than two locations? (Click if Yes)
Does establishment serve as a Fraternal Club, Gun Club, Lodge, or Gentlemans's/Strip Club? (Click if Yes)
Does establishment sell alcohol for off-premises consumption and not have clearly established procedures regulating the sale of alcohol to minors or customers under the influence? (Click if Yes)
Does establishment ever host live rock, rap or hip-hop bands? (Click if Yes)
Is the hotel / motel four or more stories? (Click if Yes)
Is there a swimming pool? (Click if Yes)
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